The Studio Spaces

1 Living Space/1 Bath

21, 28 and 30 sqm

2nd Space offers excellent, fully modern studio space designs as part of our wider range of granny flats, prefabricated and modular homes. Consider the possibilities of a versatile, self-contained studio with the added privacy of a modern ensuite and kitchenette, for example. Our fully scalable studio spaces are designed for comfort and lifestyle choices and include all onsite needs.

The 2nd Space’s studio designs are a popular alternative to the traditional granny flat. This design a big step up from the traditional granny flat, too, ideal for extra living space with all amenities and a healthy environment for living.

Fully equipped with smart, affordable and with premium fittings and finishes, this studio space can extend the family living space to offer a teenage or guest retreat. Its versatile size makes it an easy addition to most backyards.

Design Choices

2nd Space is here to give you all the design choices. Would you like:

  • A deck for a classic Australian home outdoor space?
  • Beautiful modern flooring?
  • A well-appointed kitchenette with everything?
  • A home office space?
  • A great home space with everything for your guests and family?


That’s what we do. You tell us what you want, and we’ll design the space you want, the way you want it.

Affordable Spaces for Australian Homes

If you’ve been trying to find the right solution for added space in the Australian housing market, you’ll love our range of studio spaces. Scalability allows all the options you need for excellent cost values for your new space. A new 2nd Space studio can be designed and built well within most budgets.


Talk to Our Designers about Your Needs

Whatever your needs, 2nd Space can provide all the technical guidance and support you need to create the perfect studio space for your needs. We can help you with managing space, design options, and all the interior fittings and layout design help you want.

Ask 2nd Space

For more information about our designs, call us on 1300 926 118 or send us a message online. Ask our team about your studio space and tell us your vision for your studio.  Our experts will be happy to assist with all the design, construction, and practical help you need.

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